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Completed Projects

                                                                        We have 9 papers recently published or under review with several more in                                                                                                various stages of preparation.

                                                                        See full list of all publications here, and complete list of projects here.




from Navarri, X. et al., Human Brain Mapping 2020 

  • Meta-analytic comparison substance use disorder with other psychiatric disorders (Conrod; Xavier Navarri)

  • Sex differences in the neuroanatomy of cannabis and alcohol use: cortical thickness and subcortical volumetry (Lorenzetti; Gloria Rosetti)

  • Sex differences in the neuroanatomy of alcohol dependence: a focus on hippocampal subregionsand amygdala nuclei  (Lorenzetti; Sally Grace)

  • Sex-differences in grey matter in cocaine use disorder: a voxel-based morphometric study (Goldstein; Rachel Rabin)

  • Predicting alcohol dependence using brain structural measures (Garavan/Mackey; Sage Hahn)

  • Substance use disorder related structural brain asymmetries (Mackey/Garavan; Zhipeng Cao)



With a combined total of almost 19,000 participants in our collective datasets reflecting adolescent samples and studies of adult substance use disorder cases and controls, there are many opportunities for members to propose and lead their own projects using this resource. Let us know if you would like to propose a project.   


We are presently targeting outreach for studies on opioid use disorder which are under-represented in the consortium.

New Directions


                                             There are four major new data curation initiatives. If we have not already contacted you about these,

                                             you may want to join this effort so that your data will be included in the next wave of publications.

                                             Let us know if you have datasets you want included here.

  • DTI datasets are being collected and curated by our post-doc Jonatan Ottino.

  • Resting-state fMRI datasets are been collected and preprocessed by Ranjita Poudel and Michael Reidel from Matt Sutherland and Angie Laird’s group at Florida International University.

  • Deeper Behavioral Phenotyping is being collected at The University of Montreal by Irina Filippi, using a new template archive form which will standardize the format of behavioral data within the consortium.

  • Genomic datasets are being organized by Renata Cupertino who will guide the preparation of data according to the ENIGMA protocols. Renata’s leading project will examine behavioral and neural correlates of polygenic risk scores for alcohol and other substance use disorders.

New Projects











   Example of structural volume means by study before (left) and after (right) preparation with COMBAT 

5 new projects have been proposed in the past 6 months.

  • Graph theoretical summary of structural covariance in substance dependence (Mackey/Garavan; Jonatan Ottino)

  • Bayesian adjustment of novel structural imaging datasets based on prior distributions generated from the ENIGMA Addiction consortium (Mackey/Garavan; Zhipeng Cao)


  • Associations between impulsivity and brain correlates of substance use mediated by amount and age of use (Conrod; Irina Fillipi)

  • Brain correlates of internalizing and externalizing comorbidity in alcohol dependence: evidence of distinct brain disorders (Conrod; Irina Fillipi)

  • Adolescent Neuroimaging Phenotypes associated with Polygenic Risks Scores for Adult Substance Use Disorder (Mackey/Garavan; Renata Cupertino)

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